Saturday, April 1, 2023


Research has indicated that plant-based diets can cause shifts in the composition of the microbiome and have beneficial effects on gut health. In turn, this can lead to a lower risk of pathological conditions and diseases.  The gut microbiome is the collection of all microbes in the colon, including bacteria,...
With nearly two-thirds of patients who require hematopoietic (blood) stem cell transplants not having a suitable sibling donor, transplants from alternative donor sources can present a viable solution for a larger number of patients.  At any given time, as many as 7,500 Americans are searching for an unrelated bone marrow...




Donor Matching Presents Issues in Regenerative Medicine for Minority Communities

DISCLAIMER: The information presented in this article, as well as the usage and classification of “race” and “ethnicity,” is based on scientific findings as...

Understanding Breast Cancer in Men: Signs, Symptoms and Stigma

Breast cancer isn’t just a “women’s disease” — men are also at risk, though male breast cancer diagnoses are rare. Stigma and barriers to...



Prevalence of Hepatitis B Calls for Further Intervention in Asia

Around 300 million new cases of Hepatitis B virus (HBV) are diagnosed annually across the globe — of these, more than 75% of the cases are found in Asia (specifically South and South East Asia), with low-income communities often being impacted the most.  Hepatitis B is caused by a virus belonging to a family of...