Saturday, April 1, 2023


OPINION: Euthanasia and a Physician’s Obligation to ‘Do No Harm’

Voluntary Active Euthanasia: Patient is administered a lethal substance or undergoes an end of life procedure with their consent Voluntary Passive Euthanasia: Patient is not given treatment or is taken off life support...

OPINION: Rationing Ventilators Through ‘Blind Allocation’ Discriminates Against Marginalized

Amid the current pandemic, one of the biggest challenges in hospitals is the shortage of medical equipment, specifically ventilators. Ventilators are machines that assist with mechanical breathing in the case of respiratory failure, which...

OPINION: CRISPR Technology Violates Informed Consent, May Usher Era of Eugenics

Gene editing has been an important biotechnological tool aimed at altering and correcting DNA. This technology could decrease risk for disease and change physical features. Due to these powerful scientific implications, there are also...