Sunday, January 29, 2023

Policy & Management

OPINION: Euthanasia and a Physician’s Obligation to ‘Do No Harm’

Voluntary Active Euthanasia: Patient is administered a lethal substance or undergoes an end of life procedure with their consent Voluntary Passive Euthanasia: Patient is not given treatment or is taken off life support...

A Changing Landscape in Healthcare: The Supreme Court and the ACA

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard a case against the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which could result in the legislation being deemed unconstitutional. The court continues to deliberate before reaching a ruling in the...

INFOGRAPHIC: A Closer Look at Health Insurance Plans

Understanding health insurance is a complex barrier to accessing healthcare. Selecting the right plan requires understanding the health system and several key terms and differences across available plans. There are two categories for health...

Taxes on E-Cigarettes to Increase by 2027

Colorado and Oregon voters approved a measure this past November to increase taxes on tobacco products, namely an eventual 62% tax on e-cigarettes by 2027.  According to the CDC, e-cigarettes are devices that heat a...

OPINION: Rationing Ventilators Through ‘Blind Allocation’ Discriminates Against Marginalized

Amid the current pandemic, one of the biggest challenges in hospitals is the shortage of medical equipment, specifically ventilators. Ventilators are machines that assist with mechanical breathing in the case of respiratory failure, which...